African Interior Design Characteristics


Many people always wonder how they can create that African feel in their homes, especially their living rooms and bedrooms.

I will try to give you some tips to getting an African themed design for your home without overdoing it.

There are lots of ideas on how to furnish your home with ethnic/African inspired interiors, but the key is to keep it simple.

Here are some tips for an African Decor  inspired Home:

1. Keep it simple.

Africa is a large continent with various souvenirs and trademarks from different countries, so it would be ridiculous to try to get “the whole Africa” in your home.

2. Have a theme.

Choosing a theme will keep you in focus and prevent you from overdoing it.

Are you thinking of a safari theme or nature theme, what about a rustic theme or colourful theme? Are you thinking forest or sunset? Wood or metal? Moroccan or Southern African? Cool or Wild?

3. Choose your furniture material.

Your chairs and tables can be made from bamboo, rattan, cane, leather, animal hides, straw, wrought iron and wood.

4. Select the fabric or upholstery for your chairs, curtains, pillows etc. They can be bright and multicoloured like the typical west African print, Ankara, kitenge or kente OR you can go for the simple two colored mudcloth.

This fabric can also be used for your lampshades, tableware and any other fittings in your home.

5. Select your pieces.

Here are some items used for African home decorating that you can select from:

Wood carvings

Animal carvings


Animal hides




6. Choose warm colours for painting your walls like yellow, orange, brown, cream or white.

Remember, less is more.

Please share any other ideas you have for African interior decorating.


Photo: rutschic