All White Outfit For Soca/Fete Party by Christian Boucaud.🔥T&T

Thinking of what to wear for fete or soca party? For many women, a night out in the town consists of dressing up in their tightest dresses and highest heels and heading out to the club where they spend the majority of night sitting or standing in one place so as not to cause their feet any additional pain. No, it doesn’t have to be that way!

A soca party, or fete is all about fun, fun, fun! At a fete you can expect to be partying, jumping around to power soca tunes and wining up your body to groovy soca. So your outfits should be cute, but practical to allow for maximum bacchanal. Comfortable shoes are a must. The majority of women at a soca fete can be found in flat shoes, but if you can get on by in heels, by all means do. The goal is not to be sidelined by a bad wardrobe choice.

The most common types of fetes are: Carnival Chic fetes, Beach/Pool or Boat fetes, and Fancy fetes. Standard feting attire rules still apply to each of these categories but the execution may differ depending on what type of fete you attend.