What is poontoe?

Poontoe is a clipboard for inspiring, creative and exciting photos and videos.


What can I do with poontoe?

You can use poontoe to promote who you are or what you do. You can follow and connect with other users of like minds, keep a diary of your brand or other interesting finds on poontoe.

Personalize your board by clipping things you love; by you, friends or from the web. You can also share these clips on your preferred social network or you can simply organize clips you find on poontoe to your own board.

You can drop comments or questions under clips you find interesting.


What does “add clip” mean?

When you want to upload or put up a picture you select “add clip”.


How do I clip a photo from the web?

When you see a photo you like on the web, simply right click it to copy the image url. Select “add clip” on poontoe paste the url by right clicking in the url box, then select “fetch”.


What is a board?

A board is where you clip your pictures or videos.  You can have as many boards as you want to help you organize your stuff.


What does it mean to re-clip?

When you move over a picture on the site, the first icon stands for “re-clip”. If you see a clip you will like to get quick access to, “re-clip” it to your own board. You can also edit the description to your own idea.


How do I keep clips I like on poontoe so I can easily see them anytime I come to the site?

Simply re-clip them to your own board (You’ll need to sign up first though).


How do I put music or movie players on poontoe?

  1. Upload your album or single cover (photo) using the “add clip” or plus button.
  2. Fill in the title of your single or album in the title field.
  3. Fill in the description of your music in the description field. Also add the embed code or URL (link) from reverbnation or SoundCloud in the description field. (When getting embed code from reverbnation remember to select “WordPress compatible”)
  4. Fill in the tags and any other information.
  5. Submit

Your music player will show when the page reloads.


What can I embed on Poontoe?

  1. Reverbnation players
  2. SoundCloud players
  3. Spotify players
  4. YouTube players
  5. Vimeo players
  6. Mixcloud
  7. Polldaddy
  8. etc