Fela Durotoye

“Your talents are God’s gift to you. But, until you GIVE your talents, they do not become YOUR gifts to the world. .

Your HIDDEN talents can NOT introduce you or create opportunities for you because no one knows you have them & therefore no one benefits from them.

YOUR GIFTS are the talents that YOU GIVE to the benefit of others … the talents you display that impresses others … your solutions that you use to solve problems for others … those are YOUR GIFTS and it is those gifts that will take you places, make room for you & bring you before great men & women of honor… those who can afford your fees or bless you with the kind of Honorarium that has ‘honor’ in it.”


(Chief Executive Officer of the GEMSTONE GROUP, a Leadership Development Institution aimed at raising leaders of excellence and exemplary values who would be committed to building Nigeria into a most desirable nation to live in by Wednesday the 31st of December 2025.)