How to make Afia Efere

Afia Efere is also known as white soup originates from Akwa Ibom and Cross rivers Stated in Southern Nigeria. It has fewer ingredients than the Igbo version (Ofe Nsala).




Goat meat

Assorted meat

1 medium-sized smoked fish


2 calabash nutmegs (ehu or ehuru)

3 pieces of uda – optional

1 fresh Cameroon pepper

1 tsp uziza seeds

Uziza leaves, chopped

Uyayak pod (Aidan fruit), rinsed thoroughly and divided into two

3 tbsps ground crayfish

Dry pepper – to taste

2 stock cubes

Salt – to taste



Boil the goat meat and assorted meat with smoked fish until soft.

Prepare your spices (calabash nutmegs, uda, uziza seeds and half of the uyayak) blend or grind in a dry mill into an almost-smooth powder.

Add some water to the ground spices, and filter using a fine mesh sieve.

Peel and wash your yam and cook until soft.

Add extra water, crayfish, dry pepper and remaining half of uyayak to the pot of meat and bring contents to a boil.

Taste for salt and season if necessary to your taste.

Add the ground spices in tablespoons, tasting as you go so that you don’t add too much. 

Turn down the heat to simmer so that the spices can permeate the meats.

Make smooth pounded yam by mashing the boiled yam traditionally or using a food processor or blender.

Turn up the heat on your meal and add the pounded yam in medium-sized balls.

Once the yam has dissolved completely, taste for seasoning and salt again.

Add your freshly-chopped uziza leaves, stir and take off the heat.

Serve with pounded yam.

(Recipe from the Guardian)