How to make Ankara Sneakers

1. Make sure the surface of the shoes even (smooth) and clean. You can use alcohol or glass cleaning sprays to remove oil from the shoes. Smoothen the surface of the shoe with sand-paper.


2. Remove the base or heel of the shoes.


3. Measure the ankara material needed for one shoe and cut it. Then use that material to measure and match the material for the second shoe.

It’s always better and easier to measure and match the material for both shoes before gluing.


4. Keep your shoes in shape with a last, or stuff them with papers to keep them firm.


5. Using a brush, apply glue on both shoes (avoid the sole). Do not use instant glue because it doesn’t give you time to make any adjustments or make any corrections.


6. Remove the shoe last or newspapers and start attaching the fabric.  

All the fabric wrinkles should be on the sole, and not on the sides of the shoe. 


7. Trim off extra fabric on the sole of the shoe using a pair of scissors or blade.


8. Glue back the sole of the shoe.


9. Leave your shoes to dry.


Photo: Lutina Art ( Lutina Art pimps shoes, handbags, hats, .. with African fabrics. Patchwork on canvas, seats and njaxas.)