How to Make Temporary Dreadlocks for Short Hair

1. Temporary dreadlocks require your hair length to be between 3 and 12 inches long. 

Get the Following for your Temporary Dreadlocks:

Hair shampoo

Hair conditioner

Hair gel

A small comb for making sections on the hair

Hair clips

Hair dryer

1.Wash and clean your hair a shampoo and condition it.

(Dreadlocks will set in place when made on clean, oil free hair.

2. Use the small comb to section your hair into small squares of about 2 inches depending on how thick you want your dreadlocks to be or how thick your hair is.

3. Start twisting the sections one by one.  You can use the hair clips to hold other parts of your hair back, while twisting. Keep applying the gel to the twists, to help them set.

4. Twist the sections by holding them between your thumb and fingers, starting from the ends and going on till the twist reaches the roots. Leave some hair untwisted near your scalp.

5. Continue this process till you’ve got all the hair in twists.

6. Use the hair dryer to dry the twists and keep the style in place.

Do not wash your hair till you want to remove the dreadlocks.

Removing the Dreadlocks

When you want to remove the dreadlocks, first gently rub in some conditioner to soften the dreadlocks.

Next, apply shampoo to remove every trace of gel. You may have to do this twice.

Do not get pull at the dreadlocks to remove them so you don’t break your hair.

Let your hair dry naturally before gently combing it out.