How to make the perfect Ogbono soup

1. Don’t add onion to your oil while cooking. Some may call it a myth but honestly…it reduces the viscosity of your soup and makes the consistency somewhat heavy. I have tried and tested this.

Instead, cook your meat with enough onion. The cooking process will tamper with the acidity of the onion making it’s potency weaker but giving you a delicious meat stock.


2. Don’t allow the oil get too hot before adding your Ogbono and Crayfish blend. If the oil is too Hot, it burns the Ogbono blend and hinders the slimmy viscosity of the soup. Once it starts foaming…pour your meat stock into the pot. Don’t wait any longer.


3. After cooking to the last stage before adding your choice vegetable, simply reduce the heat to the barest minimum and allow the soup slowly cook away for some time. Do some other chores but allow it to just cook away… stiring at intervals from time to time. You will see how glorious and better looking your soup will become.


Many people get Ogbono soup wrong because they don’t allow it to sit over heat and cook properly…blending and enhancing the ingredients and flavours.


Then you can add your vegetables.


4. Too much vegetables make the soup heavy. A handful is ok.


Source: Matse Cooks