Ijeoma Ndukwe-Egwuronu (37): Founder Bubez Foods

Degree: B.Sc. Human Physiology, University of Calabar; An alumna of The Lagos Business School 6 month program – The Owner Manager.

Popularly known as “Nwa Akamu” or “Iyaologi” (Igbo and Yoruba names for women selling pap). Ijeoma was neck deep in bad debt in 2012 as a result of being owed from sales from her clothing store (Bubez Plaiz), which threaten its existence. As a result, she went to God in prayers to seek divine answers to her problems and got moved by words in 2nd Kings 4:2 AMP Version “What do you have in your house of sale value. After seeing Akamu in her refrigerator, which is a staple meal for her kids before they turn 2, and knowing that lots of mothers desire to feed their kids pap, coupled with the challenge in finding one prepared in hygienic conditions.

She delved into the food processing that has corn as its main raw material. Ijeoma has constantly mentioned epileptic power supply as a major constraint to SMEs in the country.