Mo Abudu

“Life has taught me never to give up, no matter what happens, you must never give up.  The secret to success as I have learnt is that sometimes the toughest times are usually the precursors of the greatest breakthroughs.  So, never give up.  I found out that I am often being spurred on by those who say, ‘No.’  If anything else, the law of averages and statistics says somebody will eventually say yes.  So, keep going.  Not everyone will agree with you, sometimes you meet people who agree with you or share your views and at other times you meet people who don’t.  All you have to do is work with those who agree with you and with those who don’t agree with you, simply move on.”

– Mo Abudu

(Talk show host, TV producer,human resources management consultant and entrepreneur. She has been described by Forbes as “Africa’s Most Successful Woman” in 2015.)