Nairobi is 3rd Best City in the world to visit in 2017

Nairobi has been ranked third best city in the world to visit in 2017 by a United Kingdom travel publisher, Rough Guides.


Paris, France, took top position in the list of top 10 cities in the world to visit in 2017 while Iran’s Isfahan and Nairobi, were second and third overall respectively.


“Nairobi, Africa’s youngest, fastest-growing metropolis and the beating heart of the continent’s largest economy, has for too long been overlooked,” says the Rough Guides.


The UK travel publisher notes that en-route to Kenya’s national parks and palm-fringed beaches, most visitors only make forays into the city for the traditional art markets, coffee stores and museums.


“Make time to explore further and you’ll find a dynamic urban landscape with cool restaurants, groundbreaking art projects and a burgeoning fashion scene, 

Skip Nairobi now and you are missing out, big time,” remarked Rough Guides.