Ndebele Traditional Attire

Ndebele Traditional Attire

1. The Rings (idzila)

Husbands give their wives rings made from brass and copper. The wife whose husband has given a home wears these rings round her neck, arms and legs.

These rings (idzila) are a symbol of her faithfulness to her husband. The Ndebele wife can only remove these rings if her husband dies.

The more financially buoyant and Ndebele husband is the more rings his wife is likely to wear.

2. Neck Hoops (isigolwani)

The Isigolwani is made from twisted grass fitted with beads. They can also be worn on the arms and legs by newly wed women whose husbands haven’t yet given a home or girls that have completed their initiation ceremony.

3. The Apron (ijogolo)

Ijogolo is worn to indicate that the marriage has been culminated. This is after the birth of the first child.

4. The Marriage Blanket (Nguba)

The Nguba is worn by married women and used to record events in the life of the wife. This is done by adding Beadworks to the blanket.

5. Head Covering (Amacubi)

A wife wearing a head covering is a sign of respect for her husband.