Peter Banigo (37): Co-Founder Bole King/Ceo Rico Enoro Limited

Degree: Bachelor of Gas Engineering, University of Port-Harcourt; M.Sc. Petroleum and Environmental Technology, Coventry University, UK.Co-founded Bole King in 2014 with Etinosa Omoriege.

Bole (Port-Harcourt styled), consisting of roasted plantain and fish with sauce, is a popular and highly nutritious meal patronised by most people irrespective of social strata. Due to the hygienic problem associated with selling Bole along the roadside, Peter and Etinosa founded Bole King to provide a hygienic and well-prepared form of the staple meal. They aim at making Bole a global delicacy just as Shawarma (Middle-Eastern) and Pizza (Italian). This will be accelerated by opening a Lagos outlet in the 2nd quarter of 2018. Peter is also the CEO of ICT, security and general procurement firm – Rico Enoro Limited, since 2009.