Timi Dakolo

1.Time is currency,spend it wisely..time respects those who respect it.

2.You will lose friends, family members will shock you with certain attitudes.. Don’t pressure yourself.. DO the little you can.. 

3.Fame is a dangerous bacteria..more often than not. It consumes its host.. 

4.Do not give your strength to strange women/men.. for by communion with a strange woman/man is a mighty man/woman reduced to a piece of bread.

5.Know your craft.. know it for yourself.. or people will hold you to ransom.

6.Learn a new thing everyday.. trust me you are arming yourself for tomorrow.. 

7.Save at least 60% of what you earn.. trust me the future will thank you.. 

8.I rather see you with a book in your hand than liquor..I think it’s sexier.. 

9.Remember ,to fear God is wisdom and to shun evil is understanding.. 

10.If you are asked a question and you don’t know the answer ,say I DON’T KNOW..there is no shame in that..

11.Remember your parents.

12.Be humble..be approachable.. be kind for no reason.. God loves people like that.. 

13.Double your work rate.. The stakes are higher.. Thank me later..

– Timi Dakolo

(Singer anspd songwriter)