Getting Started With Poontoe

So now you are here; what can you really do with poontoe?


  • Just look around…but to actively participate you need to sign up.


  • After creating your profile, uploading your profile and cover photos you can start organizing or archiving your clips using the “Add Clip” feature.


  • You can clip your photos or videos to your board from 3 Sources:
    • You can upload photos from your computer or mobile device.
    • You can fetch photos from the web (see FAQ).
    • You can re-clip styles that are already on poontoe.
  • You can create as many boards as you like to help you organize your profile appropriately.


  • You can follow other users in the community to receive updates on their activities.


  • You can follow specific boards that you are interested in.


  • You can see activities of those you follow on poontoe without leaving your space. Simply check your feed page.


  • You can interact directly with other users by liking, re-clipping and dropping comments and questions. You can also share your own tips and tricks.


  • You can embed content like videos and audio players in the description field:
    1. Upload your album or single cover (photo) using the “add clip” or plus button.
    2. Fill in the title of your single or album in the title field.
    3. Fill in the description of your music in the description field. Also add the url (link) or embed code from reverbnation or SoundCloud in the description field. (When getting embed code from reverbnation remember to select “WordPress compatible)
    4. Fill in the tags and any other information.
    5. Submit

    Your music player will show when the page reloads.


  • You can share or embed your clips or boards on blogs and other social media networks.

Get more info on our F.A.Q page.


Corporate Users

Thinking of the best way to position your brand on poontoe? You can contact us for ideas.